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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

Apr 17, 2024

How did the Wives do with their sexy pornography homework?  Tune in to find out. 

But first, check out this episode’s Canna-cocktail, the Cherry Blossom Smash: a yummy combination or cherries and blood orange juice with just a dash of cannabis tincture.  Sip on this delicious cocktail listening to this episode's Hot Tale: the Wives host a Barbarella-themed house party and they get up to no good, with flogging, blindfolded kissing, eight-handed massages, and more!

Next, the Wives report back on their sexy homework: who's ready for a week-long, porn-o-thon?  The Wives were so inspired by the hot, female empowered pornography, they start making plans to create their own.. 

Finally, the Wives give their tips on finding porn that feels female empowered and ethical. 


The concept of "ethical pornography" is subjective and can vary depending on individual perspectives and values. Generally, it refers to the production and consumption of adult content that aligns with ethical principles and values, such as consent, fair labor practices, and respect for performers. Ethical pornography may prioritize factors like transparency, communication, and empowerment of the individuals involved in its creation.

Key elements often associated with ethical pornography include:

  1.     Consent: Ensuring that all participants willingly and enthusiastically agree to be part of the production.
  2.     Fair Labor Practices: Treating performers and other personnel involved in the production with respect, fair wages, and safe working conditions.
  3.     Diversity and Inclusivity: Representing a diverse range of body types, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations to promote inclusivity and avoid reinforcing harmful stereotypes.
  4.     Authenticity: Presenting realistic and consensual scenarios rather than perpetuating harmful or exploitative narratives.
  5.     Transparency: Providing clear information about the production process, including the treatment of performers and the ethical standards followed.

Feminist pornography is a genre of adult content created with the aim of promoting gender equality, empowerment, and consent. It challenges traditional pornography that often objectifies and degrades women by portraying them as passive objects of male desire. Instead, feminist pornography seeks to depict sexuality in a more realistic and respectful manner, often emphasizing communication, mutual pleasure, and diversity.

Key features of feminist pornography may include:

  1. Consent: Scenes depict enthusiastic and explicit consent between all participants, ensuring that no one is coerced or objectified.
  2. Diversity: It embraces diverse body types, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ethnicities, representing a wider range of human experiences and desires.
  3. Authenticity: Scenes may focus on real intimacy and connection rather than exaggerated performances. This can involve more realistic portrayals of pleasure and arousal.
  4. Empowerment: Women are often depicted as active agents in their sexual encounters, exploring their desires and expressing their own pleasure.
  5. Ethical Production: There is a commitment to fair labor practices, including fair wages and safe working conditions for performers, as well as respectful treatment both on and off-camera.

Feminist pornography aims to challenge societal norms and stereotypes surrounding sexuality and promote a more inclusive and respectful approach to adult content. It seeks to provide alternatives for individuals who may find traditional pornography problematic or alienating.

It's important to note that the definition of ethical and feminist pornography may vary among individuals, and what is considered ethical or feminist by one person may not be the same for another.

If you are interested in supporting ethical or feminist adult content, you may want to research and choose producers or platforms that align with your values and priorities. traditional, graphic porn, produced by women Female-led and Female-focused we're your source for ethically produced, explicit, sex-positive films.

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