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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

May 18, 2022

Can the 2HotWives walk that middle path between polyamory and swinging?   Tune in to Swolly Part 2 to find out. 

First, start with the episode‚Äôs cocktail, the Blackberry Peach Fizz while Kat updates us on her sexy play time with a single guy.  If you dig a little upscale restraint play, this hot tale is for you. 

May 4, 2022

If you and your partner enjoy recreational sex and emotional intimacy, you might be Swolly!

Swolly is a form of consensual non-monogamy where a couple is open to both polysexual and polyamorous relationships.  Are you Swolly?  Tune in to find out. 

But first, mix up a Tennessee Peach, this episode's sweet...