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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

Sep 15, 2021

Are the 2HotWives actually hotwives?  The answer is not so simple.  In this episode, the Wives explore the kink known as hotwifing. 

First, mix up tonight's cocktail, the Ginger Femme Chaude, while listening to this episode's Hot Tale.  Ams recounts how a new sex toy leads to super-hot Sunday morning play with Mr. Ams. 

Next, the Wives dive deep into the definition of a hotwife and hotwifing, including what it isn't (i.e. - cuckholding, swinging or a hall pass).  In particular, they discuss a husband's role in the kink. Is it to control?  To be submissive?  Bestow his wife's"favors"?  Tune in to find out. 

To get another hotwife's perspective, Ams and Kat interview Brenna from the Front Porch Swingers on her experience with hotwifing, including attending a recent Hotwife specific meet and greet!  

Finally, the Wives explore their sexy homework: how to find a single guy or bull (is there a difference?) and setting up a date.

If you are as confused by the term hotwife as we are, this is a can't miss episode. 

Featured on this episode:

Casual Toys

Silicone Butt Plug Set

Front Porch Swingers

Learn more about Hotwifing: 

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