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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

Dec 1, 2021

Does cannabis make sex better?  The Wives report back on their sexy homework: exploring different ways to ingest cannabis (vape pen, edible and flower), keeping a cannabis journal, and what sex was like when getting high.  

First, check out Kat's latest cocktail: the Ginger Martini.  If you find yourself stuck in the kitchen during this holiday season, why not take some time to make your own ginger-infused vodka while listening to Kat's Hot Tale: A unicorn threesome gets downright silly with the addition of Giggly Bears...

Next, the Wives share their cannabis and sex experiences, including vacation highs and mid-day sex, controlling dosages with edibles, and how cannabis impacted mood, arousal and orgasms. 

Finally, the Wives share Just the Tips on how to experiment with cannabis and sex in a safer, mindful way.  

While the exact relationship between cannabis and sex has not been sufficiently researched, more and more evidence indicates the connection itself is very real. Part 1: Cannabis and Sex brought a huge response from listeners who shared their stories of how adding a bit of cannabis can bring a thrill to the bedroom. Listeners reported more spontaneous arousal, stronger orgasms and greater sexual satisfaction.

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