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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

Oct 19, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode and article discusses consensual non-consent. Consensual non-consent, or rape play, involves consenting adults pretending not to consent to sexual activities, and may be triggering to some people, especially survivors of sexual assault. Please use your discretion as to whether or not this content is right for you.

Is the reality of rape play as hot as the fantasy? Time to check in with the Wives on their homework! 

Have you ever fantasized about being ravished by a handsome burglar?  Did you grow up reading “bodice ripper” romance novels and want to play out the scenes that you read?  Do you sometimes hope your trusted partner will take what he (or she) wants, no matter how hard you protest or struggle?  If yes, then you might be into Consensual Non-Consent. 

In this episode, the Wives report back on their sexy homework with CNC. 

But first, check out this episode's cocktail, the Apple Bomb (be careful, this drink is deceptively strong!), while Kat shares her Hot Tale.  After exploring  intense CNC  experiences, Kat and Mr. Kat enjoy a sweet and slippery night with LOTS of Coconut Oil!

Then, the Wives share their sexy homework on Consensual Non-Consent. 

Ams and Mr. Ams tries a "midnight intruder" scene, with mixed results, but has better luck with dirty talk and impromptu forced pleasure play.

Kat and Mr. Kat, in the meantime, plan an elaborate punishment and forced exhibitionism scene in a high end hotel, including a surprise visit from a stranger!

Finally, it’s Just the Tips if you want to rape play with a trusted partner. 

A very special thanks to Abbey Snider for editing assistance on this episode!  You can check out Abbey’s podcast, Sweet Baby Gay at