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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

Apr 6, 2022

What’s the big deal about squirting?  Is it the same thing as female ejaculation? Does it always happen during orgasm?  Can every woman squirt? Is squirt just pee?  If someone gushes or dribbles, is that still considered squirting?  What’s squirt made up of anyway?  The Wives answer these questions and more, including an interview with Lola Jean, the Squirting Queen.

But first, it’s ORGY time!, Sip this episode’s juicy cocktail, the Mango Rum Spritzer, while listening to both Wives share their favorite orgy experience with two super-hot couples in Mexico. 

Next, the Wives bust some myths on squirting: no, it’s not just pee, it doesn’t always include orgasm, it comes from the urethra, not the vagina.  And, despite what you see in porn, squirt doesn’t necessarily shoot across the room!  

To get a sexpert’s opinion, the Wives interview Lola Jean, the world record holder in squirting volume. 

Finally, the Wives assign themselves sexy homework: Kat and Mr. Kat are going to work on their g-spot stimulation techniques, while Ams schedules some “me” time to explore squirting: using a Womanizer Duo toy. 

About Lola Jean 

Lola Jean is a Sex Educator, Wrestler, Pro Domme, and World Record Holder for Volume Squirting (solo.) providing the No Frills Sex Education we both need and deserve. Lola brings a refreshing understanding to sex, sexuality, and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of. 

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