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2HotWives - A Girl's Guide to Unconventional Sex

Jun 16, 2021

Are you curious about anal play but too afraid to explore it?  Never fear, the 2HotWives are ready to dive into all of those questions about “butt stuff” that you were too scared to ask.  Let’s start by mixing up tonight’s cocktail, the the Basil Cherry Smash, while Ams shares her hot tale, a house party reboot (take two and three). 

Next the Wives shine some light on having sex where the sun don’t shine. They share their first experiences with anal play and what they hope to explore as part of their sexy homework.   

And finally, the Wives talk to April Lampert and Amy Baldwin from the Shameless Sex Podcast who share fantastic tips and tricks for anyone who wants to explore anal play. 

About our Sexy Mentors:

Amy Baldwin is a Sex and Relationship Coach trained in both the Somatica® and Hakomi Method, Certified Sex Educator, lead educator for Uberlube, as well as co-owner of a mother-daughter owned online pleasure boutique called Pure Pleasure Shop. Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-focused sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from private sessions to how-to workshops to erotic empowerment retreats.

April Lampert has been educating people about sexual pleasure, health and wellness, and pleasure products at a global scale since 2008. She travels internationally as VP of Hot Octopuss, an innovative pleasure product company. April was voted Woman of the Year in the adult industry in 2016, and has dedicated her life to the business of sex and pleasure

Together, Amy and April combined forces to create the Shameless Sex Podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy. Shameless Sex is unabashed real talk about sexuality with a playful twist. Amy and April are not afraid to tell it like it is and invite you to join the SHAMELESS SEX REVOLUTION! To learn more listen to Shameless Sex Podcast on your favorite podcast app or visit

Join Us at Podcast-A-Palooza!  Listeners who book through 2HotWives will get a special swag bag, plus access to a private event.  

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